Monday, September 18, 2006

New Yorker Cover Rejects

The pro illustrator site Drawger showcases works, works in progress and sketches by some of the best known commercial artists. Several of them have posted New Yorker magazine cover rejections today. The rejected cover above is one of my favorites, by Bob Staake. It shoulda been accepted!

Above: Edel Rodriguez had a good idea for a cover. Unfortunately, it was rejected as well.

Richard A Goldberg has a slew of rejects. All of them (I thought) were good!

I'm thinking that some of these guys PhotoShopped the NYer logo on the art. Regardless, you can see the kind of great talent out there -- and realize that even the best of the best get rejected. That's the way business is.

Artist John Mavroudis DID sell a cover to the NYer and it's out now. Here's the backstory.

And I have to post the below cover by Bob Staake because it made me laugh. Yes, it's gross, but I laughed. No, I don't think that it's a real children's book, Right, Bob? BOB?

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