Friday, September 15, 2006

Some Cartoon Art from the Society of Illustrators

I was up the Society of Illustrators on Manhattan's East Side yesterday. I was there for a meeting -- more of which I'll chat about later.

Regardless, I snapped a couple of photos of some of the items from their 3rd floor dining area. Keep in mind that this place has been an institution since the 1920s, and every corner that you turn you see some framed piece of art by Cornwall or Wyeth or Leyendecker.

Above is a long framed Norman Rockwell cartoon. Yeah, it's NOT a Norman Rockwell painting, it's a Norman Rockwell DRAWING, and it's in pencil! Cool!

I wish I was able to get a little closer than this, but you can see the verve and energy in his line. I don't know what publication this was for (my guess would be the old Life magazine or Judge), but it's nice to see a drawing from this master.

Above the bar is what looks like a drum, with many signatures. I don't know why it's a drum. I'm sure there's a story behind it. Anyway, I could make out a number of signatures: Hirschfeld, Jack Davis, Brad Holland, Milton Glaser, and Frank Frazetta. Speaking of Jack Davis ...

And up in a case of tchochkes is a letter from Jack Davis, with this lovely self porttrait of Mr. Davis, being touched by a 2005 award he received. Again, this case was above my head and for this detail from the letter to come out is some minor miracle.

Just a dinky sample of some of the treasures at New York's Society of Illustrators. More anon.

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Kevin Spear said...

Mike, thank you for a peek inside the Society of Illustrators Building. That will be a must-see the next time I get to New York!

Kevin Spear