Friday, September 29, 2006

John Nolan & Stephanie Piro Visit NYC

(Standing: Sy Barry, Stan Goldberg, Simmy Barry, John Nolan, Stephanie Piro. Seated: Mike Lynch. Photo by Pauline Goldberg.)

Stephanie Piro and her husband John Nolan visited us in Brooklyn this week. We had a good time and packed a lot into the handful of days we had.

Steph and John have been getting media attention and awards.

The New Hampshire Press Association presented John its WRITER OF THE YEAR award at an awards banquet on September 8, 2006. Congratulations, John! A couple of his award-winning Farmington Corners columns are here and here.

And Stephanie's work (above) will be featured in an episode of the NBC sitcom MY NAME IS EARL this October 12th. More info. here. And you can order the above "as seen on TV" shirt here st her site.

While in NYC, we did all sorts of things related to:
  • Traditional Irish Music
  • Drinking
  • Cartooning
Not necessarily in that order.

We went to a couple of Traditional Irish Music sessions. John (banjo & vocals) & Stacy (fiddle & flute) played in a trad music session with other musicians at Dempsey's Pub on the Lower East Side this past Tuesday night. Cartoonists Rina Piccolo and Paul Gilligan hung out with us as well.

(Things to do in a bar: Rina shows Paul that she can tie a cherry stem into a knot using her tongue. Paul's expression scares me.)

The next night we visited Ceol to enjoys another "trad" session.

We also visited The Strand bookstore, the Society of Illustrators (where we saw the new 30 Years of Fantagraphics exhibit that they had just finished hanging), and bought some good stuff at the Rocketship comic book shop in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

(Among the exhibits at the Society of Illustrators: YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A BEAUTIFUL BABY, featuring SI members illustrating themselves as kids. Steve Brodner, Sandy Kossin, Arnie Roth are among the participants. Above: Jack Davis' contribution.)

Oh, we also visited the Wall Street newsstand where Steph worked back when she was a teenager!

And here is Stephanie with Howard Huge, at the Hoest/Reiner studio. We stopped by here after being invited by Bunny (thanks, Bunny!), after the Berndt Toast Gang luncheon.

More about the ol' BTG anon.

A good weekend to all the cartoonists, musicians and regular people out there.

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