Friday, December 29, 2006

Berndt Toast Gang Meeting December 28, 2006

Last month I asked for a show of hands: "Who's gonna be around in December? Who wants to have lunch?" I figured maybe 6-8 people would show for a get together that took place between Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year's.

I figured wrong!

We got 45 people to the Berndt Toast Gang lunch! Wow!

Mike Lynch, Adrian Sinnott, John Reiner and Stan Goldberg. (Look for linkies to most of these guys at our Berndt Toast Gang members page.)

On display: Early 1960s King Features Archie strips, courtesy of the collection of Joe Vissichelli.

An example of the lushness of these strips. Bob Montana is credited, but I have no idea if this was his work, or the product of a King Features ghost.

More Betty. See how the Zip-a-tone adhesive has stained the original.

Joe Edwards signs some Archies while Tony D'Amato looks on.

Marty Macalusco, Ray Alma, Ed Steckley and Steve Duquette

More items on display: a card that Al Scaduto did for his girlfriend Claire.

One of many recent model studies that Stan Goldberg shared.

Jerry Jurman: His hat can beat up your hat.

Question: Who is wearing THIS?

Answer: The guy on the right, Sy Barry; pictured with Sandy Kossin

Al Scaduto sings while Claire looks on.

Bill Kresse plays Auld Lang Syne. Bill's career will be the focus of a Hogan's Alley article in 2007.

Yukking it up from left to right: Adrian Sinnott, Stan Goldberg, Jeff Fisher, Sandy Kossin, Don Orehek

A couple of toughs: Arnie Levin and John Reiner.

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