Friday, December 08, 2006

Tad Dorgan

(January 13, 1911: George Herriman: At the New York Evening Journal with Gus Mager, Charles Wellington, George Herriman, Harry Herschfield, Ike Anderson, Tad Dorgan)

Tad Dorgan gets into the Boxing Hall of Fame, so reports Heidi MacDonald at the Publisher's Weekly blog.

Tad Dorgan, a NY World staff sports cartoonist, guided the early careers of a number of cartoonists -- pretty much all of the greats: Herriman, Segar and -- Walter Berndt. There;s a few more than this -- but I have about 5 minutes to write before I run out this morning.

And Berndt's signature incorporated Tad's stylized "T" signature in his own. Years later, when Frank Springer drew up the Berndt Toast Gang logo, he incorporated Mr. Berndt's signature in the logo.

More about the BT Gang at our history page here.

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