Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Joe Sinnott

Comic book artist Joe Sinnott has a wonderful site that always warrants a visit.

This month's monthly feature is The Nativity from Atlas Publishing's BIBLE TALES FOR YOUNG FOLK #1, August 1953.

The Stan Lee-helmed series lasted 5 issues, with work from Jerry Robinson (who drew most of the covers), Krigstein, Everett, Colan, Kida, Shores. More at Comicartville.

As many fans and colleagues know, Joe lost his wife Betty last month. There is a wonderful photo of the two of them from their wedding day there, as well as a poem of remembrance on the site by grandaughter Erin Sinnott.

Mark Sinnott, Joe's son, has been kind enough to post his email there. You can reach Joe Sinnott at belmark44@yahoo.com

Please consider sending Joe a note wishing him and his family a Merry Christmas. Even though I read comics 20 years after BIBLE TALES, it was the Buscema drawn/Sinnott inked FANTASTIC FOUR comics that I loved when I was a kid. Just thinking about those old Fantastic Fours fills me with that eggnoggy kinda nostalgia.

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