Tuesday, December 26, 2006

DIY FREAKOUT! Groovy '70s Stuff

Yeah, OK, I'll admit that in 1970, when I was a kid, I had a black light and a couple of black light posters. But, that's where my cool act stopped, baby.

I gotta admit ,I was an ordinary suburban Midwestern elementary school kid who took a Peanuts lunchbox to school and collected Hot Wheels cars, and, therefore, pretty much a wee juvenile pimply poser when it came to being cool in the 70s.

Go and look at Johnny C's blog Hole in the Head, which nostalgically showcases a bunch of cool catalog pages from the whacky 1972 lifestyle. Black light Tweetie & Cool Cat posters that I get to paint myself?! Where's Mom's Mastercharge?! And look at the cool the inflatable furniture!

PS For more 70s fun, check out The Strata Action Team page from Adult Swim. It's a fun preview. Maybe not as good as the funny cheesy Tenacious D clip, but pretty retro hipster-doofus cool if you're into parodies of bad live-action kiddie shows of the 1970s.


Johnny C said...

Thanks for the link... but you linked it to the Night Gallery page...oops...

That catalog is great fun... it was the year that calculators were all the rage for $80-150!!! Now you can get them on pens!

Mike Lynch said...

Oops. Thanks for the correction, Johnny C! I fixed the above link. You have a terrific blog!

I remember my dad getting a desk calculator in the 1970s for something like $100. That was real money back then!