Monday, December 18, 2006

Welcome Back, ARF LOVERS BLOG!

Craig Yoe's Arf Lovers Blog, which has been quiet of late, is now back again with all sorts of just great, fun things. Craig is a very busy working artist and writer. It's our good fortune that he's returned with some gift suggestions, old cartoon art goodies and his own "Whacky Wonder Woman Wednesday" feature.

Above: "I Want to Be a Commercial Artist;" a page from an British pamphlet advising youngsters about careers. Young artist Adrian gets browbeaten by teacher after teacher, each of them apparently embittered by not making it in the real world as professional full time artists and having to return to the art school womb. It's as if the whole thing was scripted by the bleak and sardonic Chris Ware:

"... You realize that you need more than a gift for drawing to make a success of your career."

"I'm willing to learn sir."

"You are going wrong with the proportions there, Adrian."

"I see what you mean."

The fulfillment of all this is being able to sell ideas for breakfast cereal and soap companies.

It's a laff riot.

And don't forget to order Craig Yoe's books -- all great reads. It's all at his blog. Welcome back, Craig!

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