Thursday, December 07, 2006

Dary Cagle on the Drawing Process

Editorial cartoonist (as well as a previous NCS president) Daryl Cagle writes about the process of drawing political cartoons. Lots of art, lots of tips.

"I get lots of e-mails from aspiring cartoonists asking questions about how I draw my cartoons: 'What kind of pen do you use?' 'What kind of ink do you use?' 'What kind of paper do you use?' 'Do you draw your cartoons on the computer?' I get so many of the same questions that I thought it was time for me to put something in the blog about the particulars of how I draw a cartoon. This is just about drawing, no politics here, so if you visit our site for the politics, you can go to another site now and read no more.

Hat tip to Journalista!

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