Friday, July 11, 2008

Camping in Grand Manan

We went camping last week. The nice thing about camping on Grand Manan Island is that you can camp in the woods, on the edge of a cliff and right on the ocean all at the same time.

Above is our camp. The overexposed area in the background is the Bay of Fundy, the bit of Atlantic Ocean between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. You have to travel by ferry to get to the Island. It's over an hour to get there. Since you're out to sea, you can easily view dolphins and whales. The rare Right Whales come here to spawn in the fall. During this time of year, Humpback pods are seen.

But, there's no wi fi, no cell phone access (at least not for my Virgin Mobile cell) and very little shopping (shopping is the #1 vacation pastime according to studies). So, nothing to do but sit in a chair, spray some bug repellent on, and have a wee glass by the ocean. And that's just fine with me.

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But be careful with that cliff! Yikes!