Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The World is Changing

When you are old, you will be able to tell the grandkids about
  • actually leaving the house, going outside, getting the car, and driving a couple miles to go and rent a video tape, and then having to repeat the process to return the tape;

  • life without LiveJournal, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, the Mike Lynch Cartoon blog (*sniff!*), etc.;

  • and, sadly, what it was like to read a newspaper printed on paper. Related: from the AP: In 'survival mode,' newspapers slashing jobs by Seth Sutel.


Brian Fies said...

Things I have had to explain to my 20-year-old girls include: record players, dial telephones, 8 mm home movies, Pong, TVs with three channels and rabbit ears, cars without airbags, cars without seatbelts, cars without power windows, and how the heck I spent my time without video games or computers (the charm of the Etch-a-Sketch seems entirely lost on them...). I might as well be a 19th-century plowman driving a mule team. My only consolation, as I assure them often, is that it'll happen to them too.

Meera said...

That's so true!