Friday, July 18, 2008

Creig Flessel 1912-2008

Just got the sad news that Golden Age comic book illustrator Creig Flessel passed away yesterday. Creig suffered a stroke on Friday, paralyzing him on his right side. He passed away peacefully in his Mill Valley, CA home on July 17, 2008. His wife Marie was by his side. He was 96.

More information as it becomes available.


Mark Evanier on the life of Creig Flessel.

Tom Spurgeon writes about Creig Flessel

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Rob Stolzer said...


I saw this news on an email list that I'm on, and I can tell you that it was a terrible way to start the day. I knew Creig since the early 90s, when Charlie Roberts took me to meet Marie and him at this Long Island home. Creig did numerous drawings and commissions for me over the years, and I can tell you that even well into his 90s, he barely lost a step at all. But besides being such an excellent artist, he was an even better human being. My life has certainly been enriched by knowing him.

My condolences to Marie, the family and all of Creig's friends and fans.