Friday, July 11, 2008

Muchas Smoochas for Captain Kirk

For your Friday viewing pleasure ....

To the tune "Beyond Antares," composed by Wilbur Hatch, with lyrics by STAR TREK producer Gene L. Coon, and sung by Nichelle Nichols herself, we watch the women of STAR TREK original series getting some sugar from Captain Kirk for about 2 minutes:

All this, of course, brings to mind this lovely exchange between from STAR TREK II:

Remember that overgrown Boy Scout you used to hang around with?
That's exactly the kind of guy...

Listen, kiddo, Jim Kirk was many things, but he was never a Boy Scout!

My thanks to "laylacalif," who put the vid up on YouTube!

Related: Maggie Thrett, one of "Mudd's Women" (she's the one above left), was also a singer whose song "Soupy" (yeah, "Soupy") hit the pop/soul charts in 1965. Here's a video tribute to her with that song.

Photo from The Galactically Hot Women of TOS Flickr set by Poletti, first reported on the ol' Mike Lynch Cartoons blog waaay back on December 20, 2007.

Also related: A Tribute To The Beautiful Women of Star Trek at Gerald Gurian's STAR TREK Prop Authority blog.

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