Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More NCS New Orleans Photos

Above: Mike Peters and Tom Stemmle at the 2008 Reubens convention.

There's the old saying. You know it: "You want it GOOD or you want it TUESDAY?"

Well, we got it good and good things are worth waiting for. Here it is: a huge batch of photos of the 2008 NCS Reubens convention courtesy of the New Jersey National Cartoonists Society chapter. My thanks to the talented and handsome Chapter Chair Tom Stemmle for letting me know!

My fave: Mike Peters showing off his Superman tattoo!!!

Best place to see all photos and news items related to the 2008 Reubens: the Comics Reporter's Collective Memory: 2008 NCS Meeting (New Orleans) and 2008 Reuben Awards.

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Unknown said...

The Great Lakes Chapter has posted Ed Black's report from New Orleans:
With the promise from Boldman of more photos to follow.