Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mort Walker Packs Up His Cartoon Memorabilia

Mort Walker is interviewed by the Wall Street Journal Digital Network in this video piece, posted today. Mary Pilon is the reporter and it was produced by Jeff Bush.

Mr. Walker talks about trying to create a national cartoon museum, and how his collection, valued at $20 million, is now moving to its new home at Ohio State University, where it will join the already huge cartoon collection there. There are many shots of originals and it makes me want to look at all of his collection.

UPDATE: Mark Evanier has more video.

H/t to Gerry Mooney!


Mark Anderson said...

Wow! That's fantastic and sad at the same time... I'm glad to see it all heading to Ohio, but it's such a shame it's never taken off.

(BTW, that "Comic Card Game" shown briefly, will soon be showing up less briefly over at Flickr...)

Gerry said...

thanks for the nod, Mike. A few days after I returned from the Reubens in New Orleans, I was wearing my Reubens tshirt at the supermarket checkout and the guy behind be asked whatever happened to the cartoon museum that used to be in Rye, NY?

I realized that I hadn't heard anything about it since the bid to place it in the Empire State Building, info that was probably over five years old at least!

So it was fortunate to come across the Walker video and have some more up to date information.

I also learned a valuable lesson: never wear a tshirt in public that identifies you as a cartoonist unless you're prepared to answer any and all questions about cartoonting from total strangers!