Monday, September 29, 2008

CARTOON HUMOR Magazine, Winter 1948.

Courtesy of the Hairy Green Eyeball blog, here are sexist cartoons from the Winter 1948 edition of CARTOON HUMOR Magazine.

The mag has a number of cartoons, some of which are drawn by a favorite cartoonist of mine, Reamer Keller. Here are a few samples of his work from the ol' Mike Lynch Cartoons blog:

Reamer Keller Napkins

Reamer Keller from BEST CARTOONS OF THE YEAR 1964

Reamer Keller in CARTOON LAFFS


Gabriel said...

Thank you, mister.
Reamer Keller is amazing!
I just discover his work on the Harry Lee Green's blog and I'm absolutely astonished. I haven't seen your previous posts on Keller before. One thing is sure: I'll post this one. What a colors! Seeing all the images together is a real pleasure.

Roadtrip 62 - Don said...

I just wanted to let you know that the cartoons you post have been an invaluable aid to me for identifying artists, when adding information for reprinted cartoons to the Grand Comics Database. Thanks for all your postings.