Monday, September 22, 2008

Video: Jeff Kinney on his DIARY OF A WIMPY KID Series

From the corporate media division at Borders:

Jeff Kinney Talks Diary of a Wimpy Kid:

Jeff Kinney Explains Writing Diary of a Wimpy Kid:


Mark Anderson said...

I've seen these books, but I've never checked them out. Good for this guy!

Brian Fies said...

I'm totally stealing these for my blog. Thanks, buddy!

Mark, I know Jeff and he's a great guy doing good work who really deserves it. It's good to see.

Mike Lynch said...

I've read some of DWK online. Jeff is not talking down to the kids. And I loved the bit where he showed the Borders audience his battered notebook from a decade ago, when he started the story. Now that's perseverance!

Brian, steal away!

Vundakin said...

These are pretty cool. You should check this new comic strip: