Friday, January 16, 2009

Maine Comic Arts Festival May 17, 2009

The Ocean gateway facility will be the location for the very first Maine Comic Arts Festival to be held four months from today, May 17, 2009, in Portland, Maine. I spoke with Rick Lowell, the man behind the festival, last month. Rick runs one of the best comic book shops I've been to: Casablanca Comics in downtown Portland.

The aim, Rick says, is to have an indy-comic friendly event in Portland; a MoCCA Fest or an APE or and SPX for the Northern New England area. Portland has impressed me with its number of comics creators, so this day-long event should be a terrific success.

See you there!


Mark Anderson said...

Wish I could go this year, but I'm reinforcing the Andertoons bunker against all thing financial.

Mike Lynch said...

I don't blame you, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm only an hour north of there. Definitely going to this, thanks for the heads-up Mike!

Mike Lynch said...

See you there, Fitz!