Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Shatner's RAW NERVE: Leonard Nimoy Interview

William Shatner interviews Leonard Nimoy in tonight's RAW NERVE TV show tonight. The series is getting good ratings, even though it's on a channel in the upper stratosphere of the channels on my local cable system and, really, I never heard of the channel before Shatner was on it.

Here's RAW NERVE host William Shatner hyping the Nimoy interview episode to Trekmovie.com:

Much more at Trekmovie.

I watched the first couple of these and they really are interesting. Shatner will not talk to people about recent movies; all the talk centers around peoples' life experiences. I especially like the example Nimoy gave of his parents' shock when he told them he was going to be an actor, and his Father's advice.

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Mark Anderson said...

I' might actually have to start watching this. Gotta find if I get the channel.

Who knew Shat could interview?! What CAN'T he do?!