Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dan Thompson Interview

Dan Thompson, whose new syndicated comic strip RIP HAYWIRE debuts this month from Universal Features, is interviewed by Tom Mason for Comix 101:

TOM: It seems like an odd time to launch a new strip, particularly an adventure one. “Rip” seems like a great choice, but not the safe one that syndicates and papers would rush to embrace. What’s been the response so far?

DAN: There really aren’t any safe bets unless Bill Watterson or Gary Larson came out of retirement and launched a new feature. But the response to “Rip Haywire” has been great. My syndicate, [United Features] and the newspapers have been fired up about the strip from day one. Newspaper readers are normal people, they like the same things we all do, so embracing a funny soldier of fortune is like embracing all the other whack jobs in the funnies. An overweight Viking, talking animals, Army soldiers who have been in boot camp for 50 years, Cathy doesn’t even have a nose, and yet we embrace . . . Comic lovers are all about the embracing.

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