Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ricardo Montalban 1920-2009

Ricardo Montalban passed away today in his home in Los Angeles. He was 88. No cause of death was given.

The Mexican-born actor began working on the New York City stage for 4 years, and then, was offered a contract to come to work at MGM in Hollywood in 1946.

It was his starring role in the TV series FANTASY ISLAND (1978-84) that cemented his popularity. He was also known for playing "Khan," a nemesis for STAR TREK's Captain Kirk twice: during the original series and then again, 15 years later, in STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN.

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Brian Fies said...

While we, and most of his obituary writers, remember Mr. Montalban for Khan and Roarke, he had an enviable career that spanned decades, working with some great people in wonderful movies. Better, he had a reputation for class and professionalism.

At the risk of driving readers from your blog, Mark Evanier wrote the best remembrance of him that I've read. It's a good story, check it out:

Brian Fies said...

I see my URL got cut off. That's:

Anonymous said...

Dos Equis should have hired Ricardo Montalban to do a few ads for them, he could have done their "most interesting man in the world" bit perfectly (he has a Spanish accent too)