Monday, January 05, 2009

Hot Coffee

Here is a page from my sketchbook. I drew it early Friday morning, freehand, in my sketchbook, with a combination of Micron Pigma 01, 02 and 05 pens. I put some black watercolor wash on it later. The reason I like a Micron pen is they are permanent and can take a wash immediately, without smearing at all.

This was drawn in a different style than the Christmas story I drew for the local paper a couple of weeks ago. It's a true story.

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Anonymous said...

Mike --
Mmmm, your style mixes New Yorker gag cartoons with Ben Katchor... I urge you to experiment with using coffee washes, for that earthy, dusky brown tone only achievable with steeped prime roast...
-- Marek

Daryll Collins said...


Really enjoy your slice of life sketch stories.
Keep 'em coming.

I have the same problem whenever I order some sort of chicken sandwich. "No mayo, please."

All to often when I open the sandwich ...ta-da...mayo!

If I were king mayonnaise would be banned.

Paul Giambarba said...

So, you used to write for Seinfeld!

Love this sort of thing.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I remember lying in bed and worrying about the EXACT SAME THING. I got SO stressed out!!! :) Thanks for sharing.

Mark Anderson said...

Man, I love this longer form stuff you've been doing lately. It's just fantastic! You should get a bunch of these together and put out a little book this year. Seriously, this stuff is just really really great!

Also, I hate you.

Trade Loeffler said...

Ah, I love Ziad's. This is the second time I've seen that store appear in a story. The store also played a prominent role in Jonathan Lethem's, Motherless Brooklyn.

These kind of cartoons are great, Mike. Keep them coming.

Mike Lynch said...

Thanks for your kind words, everyone. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, love it.