Friday, January 16, 2009

Cartoonist Dan Gordon Tribute

Sherm Cohen's Cartoon SNAP looks at the life and career of animator/comic book artist Dan Gordon. Just look at the anatomy of that dog above. Even though he's a cartoony dog, the foundation in drawing shows. And look at the bold brush strokes, and the black spotting of the dog's dhadow makes him pop off the page. I'm thankful to Sherm for showcasing a fellow that I had heard of, but never full appreciated until now. Go look.

And thanks, Sherm, for shining the light on Dan Gordon.


Sherm said...

Hi Mike...thanks for spreading the news about Our Man Dan. I could stare at some of his amazing cartoon drawings for hours!

Mike Lynch said...

I spent far too much time at your site, Sherm! Thanks for introducing me to a great cartoonist!