Monday, May 04, 2009

April 30, 2009 Berndt Toast Gang Lunch

Mike Lynch and Joe Giella

Art Cumings, Mike Lynch and Stan Goldberg.

Greg Fox, Chari Pere and Mike Lynch

Stan Goldberg and Sy Barry

Adrian Sinnott and Stan Goldberg

Bunny Hoest and Chari Pere


Nate Fakes said...

All cartoonist? I didn't notice a lot of the names.

Mike Lynch said...

Nate, thanks for your comment. I posted links to most of the names so anyone can check them out. I know you know who I am -- but you also have people who draw Batman, Mary Worth, Archie, The Lockhorns and more.

Incoming! said...

No Dandy Don Orehek?

Rob Smith, Jr. said...

What GREAT photos of legends! Thanks for posting these! It's soooooo good to see the young up and comers meeting such important cartooning greats. Tom Stemmle was telling me of Chari Pere just yesterday.

Last week my wife had some young whipper snapper editor question a sentence in one of her upcoming books. The editor asked, "Am I suppose to know who W.C. Fields is?"