Monday, May 04, 2009

National Cartoonists Society: April 29, 2009 Metro NYC Dinner

Jim Salicrup and Mike Lynch

Rina Piccolo and Flash Rosenberg

"Ruben Bolling," Mike Lynch and Marc Bilgrey

Jermaine, Matthew Moss, Derek Mainhart and Doug Bratton.

Ed Steckley and Trade Loeffler.

Hello to Sam Viviano and Bobby Timony who ran off into the night before the camera started clicking.


Brian Fies said...

You're looking good, Mike. It's always fun to put faces to names. Jim Salicrup, cool! Nice to "meet" Trade Loeffler, whose work I love. But that can't be Ruben Bolling; he looks normal.

You do know everybody, don't you?

Matthew Oliver Moss said...

I love the picture with Jermaine, myself, Derek and Doug!

btw-- my blog: