Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stephanie Piro Made a Giant Shoe

Above: Stephanie Piro and her until-recent big secret project. Her note to us, "ignore messy house due to great excuse of giant shoe in living room!"

Rochester, NH was a shoe factory town. Rochester was famous for being a shoe factory town. Now, the factory is closed. Art Esprit, a local arts group, will commemorate the town's history by creating
"... 10 enormous pieces of footwear - a dancing pump, a sneaker, a boot - and lower them onto prominent downtown spots as a reminder of Rochester’s shoe manufacturing past, and as a tourist attraction to rival Lake Winnipesaukee and the White Mountains. They will be made from concrete, and heavy enough not to be dragged away and dumped into the Cocheco by a ne’er-do-well faction of the citizenry."

- John Nolan, Poets who matter: No. 19 – Mr. Ramgunshoch

Stephanie Piro is one of the artists (and the only cartoonist) involved. She has the whole story here.

Thanks to Rod McKie for the heads up! Thanks, Rod!

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Benita said...

I wonder what people thought when they saw a beautiful giant painted shoe traveling down the road!