Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wordless Cartoons by Mike Lynch

Here's a small selection of wordless cartoons that I've drawn.

Since I am what's called a "single panel gag cartoonist," the final product -- the gag cartoon -- has to do its work on a reader within 2 or 3 seconds. If you don't "get it" in less than 5 seconds, I haven't succeeded.

Above: this was drawn when there was a movement to allow cell phones on planes. The only solid black things here are the cell phones themselves, all in a left to right row. This one was held by a couple markets because it was funny, but no buys. My guess is that the cartoon worked within that 2 or 3 second timeframe. But, joking about weapons in planes is a no no.

Above: a silent 3 panels. Click to supersize to see that's a tic tac toe game in the last drawing.

Wordless cartoons are the most difficult. They have to focus on universally understood behavior. Above: unless you know about that plane with the shark teeth on it from WWII, then the reference is lost.

Above: I remember drawing this very fast to get it out in time.

Above: a snowblower cartoon. When I bought my first snowblower last year, I started drawing snowblower cartoons. Click to supersize this wordless cartoon.

Above: sweet little old lady sweater v. hip guy tattoo.

Oh hai! NYC trashed all of its "DON'T WALK" signs for the white hand/red hand universal signs a couple of years ago, so this came to mind.

I like drawing dogs with those simpy smiles on their faces. My mother always said, about our dear, sweet, beloved family dog Max, He may be dumb, but he's sneaky!
Above: a subverted juxtaposition cartoon. This is more of a smile than a chuckle.

Above: an old joke. If I was to put a word here, I would have the bird crying, "Mama!"

This is an edited version of a previous September 18, 2008 blog entry.

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Linette Moore said...

I like the dog-driving-car cartoon a lot - the drawing is carefree and clear.