Wednesday, May 13, 2009


UPDATED to add 3 more guests.

This Sunday, May 17, is the Maine Comics Arts Festival. It's held in downtown Portland, Maine from 10am intil 5pm. Admission is $5; kids under 12 are free. There is a day-long list of panels and workshops here.

Here are a few more cartoonist-attendees and guests that will be attending, which brings the total to seventy one:

Jon Chad

Robyn Chapman

Norm Feuti

Alex Irvine

Morgan Pielli

Anne Sibley O'Brien

Joe Quinones

Corey “Fake Rockstar” Pandolph

Lincoln Peirce

Maris Wicks

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Brian Fies said...

Wish I could be there. It looks like a great event, and at a scale that will allow everyone to have a good time without the sometimes unpleasant craziness of an enormous Comic-Con. I hope it's a big success.