Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maine Comics Arts Festival: Who Will Be There

OK, I'll be there, along with nearly six dozen other talented cartoonists and writers.

Below is a complete alphabetical, linked list to date of the MECAF comic artists and writers.

American Stronghold - Jeff Lok, Dane Martin
& barekpublishing

Atomic Pulp - Christopher Mills

Gabrielle Bell

Marek Bennett

Ben Bishop

The Boston Comics Roundtable

Jon Chad

Robyn Chapman

Becky Cloonan

Corbett Features - Barry Corbett and Brian Codagnone

Michael Connor

Sam Costello

Dandelion Studios - Rick Silva & Gynn Stella Silva

Alexander Danner

Nate Doyle

Franklin Einspruch

Austin English

Faux-Pas Industries (Sam Gaskin and Dane Martin)

Norm Feuti

Chuck Forsman

Colleen Frakes

Free Lunch Comics - Matt Ryan, Steve Kanaras
& Steve Kuster

Zack Giallongo

Chris Giarrusso

Sarah Glidden

Mark Gonyea

Alex Irvine

David Jacobson

John Klossner

Lucy Knisley

Cathy Leamy

Mike Lynch

Dan Mazur

Juana Medina

Dave Naybor

On the Fly Publications - Dan Fleming and Chris Beckett

Jennifer Omand

Corey “Fake Rockstar” Pandolph

Lincoln Peirce

Jeff Pert

Morgan Pielli

Jay Piscopo

Joe Quinones

Mark Ricketts

Joel Rivers

Aya Rothwell

Sarah Searle

Anne Sibley O'Brien

Christina Siravo

Kean Soo

Joe Staton

Matt Talbot

Trees and Hills Comics Group

The Underburbs - Joe Haley and T.J. Dort

Jen Vaughn

Maris Wicks

Julia Wertz


Nate Fakes said...

You should have a 'Ticket Give-Away' here so I can attend this time around

Rod McKie said...

Hot diggety, that looks good. Some of these cartoonists are new to me, they are a delight.

John R. Platt said...

I am soooooooooo looking forward to this!

Colin Tedford said...

Mike, nice to meet you finally at the free Comic Book Day shindig! I'll be staffing the Trees & Hills table @ MECAF.

Lenny Boudreau said...

Cool. I'm there for the day! What's for lunch?

Barry Corbett said...

Hi Mike. Thanks so much for adding our banner to the listing. Hope to see you there on Sunday.

Mike Lynch said...

Yes, this is shaping up to be a monster event. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones at MECAF.

BTW, Rick Lowell deserves massive thanks for mounting this event!

Bob Flynn said...

Great round-up of comics artists! I'll be driving up to Maine to check it out. Hope to meet some amazing people.