Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Frank Chimero: Jailbirds for Good Magazine

I really enjoyed Frank Chimero's video on the rise of prisons in the US. This shows what a talented visual artist can do.

Above screen shot from video is copyright 2009 by Frank Chimero.

Hat tip to Juana Medina!


Nate Fakes said...

That's a great illustration.

witchered said...

That was really great! Very nice to look at, entertaining and makes you also think. And it sounds good too. So it touches many ways. But did you know that in some countries even the rapers don`t get always in jail? They just need to pay for the sex. And the teachers who sexual harass the young students get only a tap over their heads. One thing that really bothers me is that criminals don`t have to have now-a-days good reason for criminal activity. Like moneyproblems or drug addiction or jealousy. They might do the bad thing just because they feel like it. And then there are those one who try to get in prison so they can get a roof over their head and some food. These things I have heard happen in here our country. So big problem that it`s hard to say what we can do about it. One solution brings other problems.