Thursday, May 07, 2009

Malcolm Evans Paints a Giant Cartoon for Greenpeace

New Zealand cartoonist Malcolm Evans paints, with a New Orleans jazz music background, a large editorial cartoon for Greenpeace.


Nelson said...

It's impressive to watch.
But without knowing the relevance of the building the balloon is coming from, and if the elephant is an icon for something, a lot of the impact is lost for me.

And when I first looked at the image, I read the label as GLOBAL WAR MING .

Anonymous said...

I agree what is the building representing.
How is a elephant representing global warming.
Must be a New Zealander thing

James Grasdal said...

Cool. Reminds me of window painting except we do it in colour and have to write backwards. I think some of my paints and surely my markers might be burning a whole in the ozone though.