Thursday, May 07, 2009


My pal and fellow gag cartoonist Rod McKie scans in many gag cartoons from THE WEEKEND BOOK OF JOKES.
"This is a bunch of pages from Weekend No.22 which features a range of great cartoonists, a surprising amount of whom are still with us and still producing great cartoons."
There are lots of great cartoons and some commentary from Rod on the book. This is very helpful to people like me whose knowledge of British cartooning is limited to Ffolkes, Emmett, J.W. Taylor and the Punch Magazine crowd. Go look!


Nick Fechter said...

Thanks for the post Mike, that cartoon gave me a good laugh.

Dan said...

Pretty interesting recap. These types of recaps are great because they display published samples by many artists that offer a variety of styles. A decent cartooning cornucopia. Check out Sun's page and scroll down to Sun Funs-Cartoonswhich also offers up lots of Brit cartoonists.
Truth be told, Sun's a decent market for anyone since I used to sell them cartoons a while back . . . I just haven't motivated myself enough to address a submission, go to the post office and then pay the air mail to fly them out there. Seems like a thriving Brit 'toon scene though - I recall the times I visited there when the magazine "stalls" were PACKED with all types of publications and many of them used cartoons.
Thanks for recapping Mike and keep up the great blogorama!

Anonymous said...

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