Wednesday, November 03, 2010

CARICATOUR #3 July 1968 Part Two of Two "Seem So Inappropriate"

Above: Nixon as drawn by Vic Martin.

This is part two of a complete scan of CARICATOUR Magazine #3, a short-lived satirical mag published by Art Pottier. This issue is dated July 1968 and is copyright 1968 by Contemporary Publications, Inc.

Part One is here.

I've also posted the first issue of CARICATOUR in its entirety on the blog: part one is here and part two is here.

My thanks to the one and only cartoonist extraordinaire Don Orehek for this copy of CARICATOUR.


Rodrigo Baeza said...

Thanks for posting this! I notice that Chilean cartoonist Lugoze was one of the contributors, nice seeing his work in a foreign magazine.

One detail: I noticed pages 23 and 24 are missing, is there any chance of updating this post and including them?

Mike Lynch said...

Good catch, Rodrigo!

I pulled out my copy of the mag and pages 23 & 24 do not exist. Wow! The mag jumps from page 22 to page 25, just like in the scans. The book is intact, it's just that there was a mistake when numbering those pages during layout!