Friday, November 12, 2010

DC Annuals 1960-65

The Golden Age Comics Book Stories blog shares some classic DC Comics Annual covers from Superman, Batman, Secret Origins, The Flash and Lois Lane comic books.

When I was a kid, I loved those behind the scenes kinda stories , like "The Origin of the Batcave" or "The Origin of the Superman - Batman Team." And I loved the reprints of from the "Golden Age" of comics.

Big hat tip to The Comics Reporter.


Bob Buethe said...

That list ends just before my comic book obsession begins. Eighty-Page Giant #11 (The Greatest Superman-Luthor Duels) was probably my first comic book. Either that, or the duo of Jimmy Olsen #85 and Justice League #36, which came out the same month.

Mike said...

I loved those perfect-bound specials. The saddle-stitched regular issues were a dime, the special editions were a quarter, and I don't know that you got two-and-a-half times as many pages, but they were big and worth it. One of those up in the treehouse and you're good for a while.

I like to place these things in my mind in terms of the price of candy bars. A candy bar was still a nickel until we stopped buying Cuban sugar, when they went up to seven cents on the way to a dime.

Even when a special cost five candy bars rather than two-and-a-half candy bars, you got one heckuva lot of reading. Go into a comic shop today with the price of five candy bars and see what you walk out with.

And get off my lawn.

Mark Anderson said...

I missed out on those, sadly. Maybe I should pick some up...

Jeff P said...

Man, I LOVED those annuals! I didn't have treehouse, but they were great for whiling away a summer afternoon. Usually w/ one of those flavored ice sticks in a plastic sleeve.

I've picked up a few of these over the years and sometimes display them in my studio. I really AM old.