Friday, November 12, 2010

DC Annuals 1960-65

The Golden Age Comics Book Stories blog shares some classic DC Comics Annual covers from Superman, Batman, Secret Origins, The Flash and Lois Lane comic books.

When I was a kid, I loved those behind the scenes kinda stories , like "The Origin of the Batcave" or "The Origin of the Superman - Batman Team." And I loved the reprints of from the "Golden Age" of comics.

Big hat tip to The Comics Reporter.


Bob said...

That list ends just before my comic book obsession begins. Eighty-Page Giant #11 (The Greatest Superman-Luthor Duels) was probably my first comic book. Either that, or the duo of Jimmy Olsen #85 and Justice League #36, which came out the same month.

Mike said...

I loved those perfect-bound specials. The saddle-stitched regular issues were a dime, the special editions were a quarter, and I don't know that you got two-and-a-half times as many pages, but they were big and worth it. One of those up in the treehouse and you're good for a while.

I like to place these things in my mind in terms of the price of candy bars. A candy bar was still a nickel until we stopped buying Cuban sugar, when they went up to seven cents on the way to a dime.

Even when a special cost five candy bars rather than two-and-a-half candy bars, you got one heckuva lot of reading. Go into a comic shop today with the price of five candy bars and see what you walk out with.

And get off my lawn.

Mark Anderson said...

I missed out on those, sadly. Maybe I should pick some up...

Jeff Pert said...

Man, I LOVED those annuals! I didn't have treehouse, but they were great for whiling away a summer afternoon. Usually w/ one of those flavored ice sticks in a plastic sleeve.

I've picked up a few of these over the years and sometimes display them in my studio. I really AM old.