Monday, November 15, 2010

Fred Allen's Donut Cartoons

The And Everything Else Too! blog scans in a collection of Fred Allen's Funniest Donut Cartoons. Published by the Doughnut Corporation of America in 1946, the booklet showcases syndicated and gag cartoons with a donut theme, featuring work by Bushmiller, Fred Neher, Frank Owen, Reamer Keller, Gene Byrnes, Bud Fisher and others.

Big hat tip to Comics Reporter!

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And, some good news: Netflix members can stream the unavailable-on-DVD 1945 comedy IT'S IN THE BAG, with "the biggest names in show business:" Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Don Ameche, Rudy Vallee, Robert Benchley, Jerry Colonna, Binnie Barnes and more. Below is the trailer for the movie.

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