Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Which Cartoonists Make Up the "Ultimate Comic Sans" Alphabet?

Above: the letter "A" is actually the first letter of Charles Addams' signature in Mark Anderson's newly created "Ultimate Comic Sans" alphabet.

Go over here to Mark Anderson's Andertoons blog to see something very cool: an entire alphabet that he made up using a scanned actual first letter of the signatures of cartoonists.

Mark's created the "Ultimate Comic Sans" alphabet.

Here's Mark:
"I thought it might be fun to build the ultimate Comics Sans out of famous cartoonists and comic artists' signature.

"Each letter is the first letter of the last name of a famous artist's signature. Here's an example to get you started - the letter 'A' is the 'A' from Charles Addams' signature. Make sense?

"See if you can guess the rest!"
Go comment on Mark's Andertoons blog entry with your 25 guesses.

UPDATE: Mark has posted the answers here.

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Jeff P said...

That Mark! He so cwazy!!