Friday, November 05, 2010

Mike Lynch Cartoon in November 2010 Harvard Business Review

"As the representative of the parent company, I'm telling you to
get your hair out of your eyes and sit up straight."

I have a cartoon in this month's Harvard Business Review. You can see all of the November HBR cartoons online here. There's a good selection by some of today's great cartoonists.

Below: let's look at this fellow EXTRA BIG so we can see the attitude he has ....

I like the look on this fellow's face. I sold this cartoon to HBR a year ago, and, seeing it now, he kind of reminds me of Bernard (Dylan Moran) from the Channel Four series BLACK BOOKS.

I remember when I drew the cartoon, I was getting tired of drawing a plain old desk. So I drew one of those modular things where there there's a computer behind the fellow with messy hair, and then a conference table wing thingy shooting out. If you've ever been to cartoon editor Bob Mankoff's office at The New Yorker, then you know he has a similar set up. I was thinking of his office layout when drawing this.

Drawn on typing paper with a Pigma Micron pen and a watercolor wash. Original size about 8.5" x 11".

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Benita said...

Great, as always, Mike.