Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ted Key's HAZEL Coming to Broadway

"Hazel, every Baby Boomer's dream housekeeper, may be headed for Broadway." Above: Shirley Booth and Ted Key.

Ted Key's HAZEL will become a musical in 2011.

"'We’re thrilled to see Hazel finally coming to Broadway; it’s something my father always dreamed of,' Peter Key, the son of Ted Key and representative of the artist’s estate, said in a statement. The musical will be written as a period piece, according to a news release. No casting has been set."

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Roy Delgado said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the news about Hazel . . . you brought some memories . . . It's a small world . . when I graduated from Tucson High, back in 1953, Bill Freyse, the cartoonist ( Our Boarding House ) lived in Tucson at the time, and his daughter, Lynn Freyse was a year behind me at Tucson High and went with my best friend, I'll call Rolf . . . after Lynn Freyse graduated, she went on to become Miss Arizona, then on to Hollywood and became Lynn Borden who starred in the television series, as Hazel's boss in " HAZEL ".

Roy Delgado