Friday, June 17, 2011


Here is a selection from FATHER DEAR FATHER (copyright Abbey Books, 1958), a series of Catholic cartoons by Frank Evers. Frank was a comic book artist, an illustrator and gag cartoonist before he got a regular gig as the New York Daily News' editorial cartoonist. After retiring from the News, he was President of the National Cartoonists Society from 1985-87.

These cartoons are, obviously, fro a more innocent time. The continuing characters were the Father, of course, and a choir boy named Jimmy Coogan. These were all drawn with a razor quick line. I have no idea where these first appeared.

Frank Evers' bio from the NCS site:

Frank Evers' obituary from the Daily News via AAEC.

Hat tip to Don Orehek for the book! Thanks, Don!

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Paul Giambarba said...

I remember Abbey Books. They wanted a book of my Angelino cartoons but we couldn't agree on terms, I think. That was around 1957 or 1958.