Monday, June 20, 2011


It's a beautiful day. Stop reading them dang fool comic books and go outside!

Hey, here's an entire comic book that you could have bought for 35 cents in February 1978.

Here is THE NEW KROFFT SUPERSHOW No. 2, May 1978. It's copyright 1978 by Sid and Marty Krofft TV Productions, Inc an based on their 1976-78 TV series. The Big Comic Book Database credits Fred Fredericks with the interior art. The comic book, like the TV show, had different live-action characters. This book features Magic Mongo, Kaptain Kool and the Kongs, Bigfoot and Wildboy, and Wonderbug. Mr. Fredericks was very adept at capturing the likenesses of the actors and changing his style a bit from feature to feature.

 Yes! Here's a Twinkies ad featuring Marvel character Captain America!

The art here is pretty darn good, I thought. Certainly a skillful job by Mr. Fredericks, who continues King Features' MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN today.

Above: one of the two STAR WARS ads in the book. My local theatre was STILL playing STAR WARS. There were places that ran that movie for a year. And people still came!

Above: the first official STAR WARS watch by Bradley. One of those first year, proto-STAR WARS pieces of merchandise. I've seen it on eBay, mint, in its case, for $500.

I would read a whole book of Captain Kool & the Kongs doing bad Laugh-In jokes!

Above: some bad drawings in that Super pocket Toy Values ad, huh? Can't think that they ever sold any.

And we close with an ad for CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND trading cards and the classic Sea-Monkeys ad.


Brian Fies said...

Fun book, better annotations by you. I have fond memories of some of the Krofft shows.

Mike Lynch said...

I'm a wee bit too old for Krofft -- but I did like this book, which I assumed (wrongly) was drawn by more than one person. Fredericks really does such a pro job here, going for a more naturalistic style for Bigfoot and more cartoony for Magic Mongo and Kaptain Kool.

The ads in the book are the best. Who was ordering those "Love" and other denim appliques? And I never saw an ad for Apache arrowheads before. Wow. I don't think they're real. And those "exciting new Flip-Its?!?!" What on God's green earth are those? And did you see the blobs of brown and purple on the Wonder Bread that those 2 white kids are eating? Gross.

Maybe I should start up a 1970s comic book ad blog.

Tim Tipton said...

I remember this show. It was
better, of course, with Eltra
woman and Dyna-girl and Dr.

Mike said...

Ah ... and all for the cost of a candy bar. The allowance-day dilemma.

The ads I remember were the ones with all the great things you could get selling Cloverine salve -- including live monkeys and a pony. I'd like to know if anyone ever sold enough salve to get the pony.