Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fred Neher Profile

There's a lovely profile of cartoonist Fred Neher (1903-2001) in today's Boulder Daily Camera. It was written by Carol Taylor.And it explains how it came to be that street named in his honor is there.

Fred, after living in NYC, moved his family out west to Boulder in 1951.

"We got tired of the fast living in New York," Neher told a Camera reporter. "My friends were dropping like flies from the strain."

... The Nehers built a home on three and a half acres northeast of the city limits on Naples Court. They discovered the street was formerly Meadowlark Lane, which they preferred. The Nehers petitioned to change the name. The Boulder County Commissioners decided instead to name the street Neher Lane. The street, north of Iris Avenue off 19th Street, is now within the City of Boulder.

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