Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video: Tom Gammill's "Learn to Draw #27" Meet Arnold Roth

Here's the 27th installment of Famous Cartoonist Tom Gammill's "Learn to Draw" series where, as you know, we don't really, actually, learn a lot. But it's great fun and we get to visit Arnold Roth's studio in this segment.

Oh, if this were a TV series, we'd be in the second season. (TV seasons typically run 22 episodes now.) For instance, if this was FRIENDS we'd be watching The One Where Heckles Dies. If it was SEINFELD, it would be, due to a shortened first season, the third season episode where Jerry and Elaine are stranded at the Long Island party ("Maybe a dingo ate your baby!). Oops. I digress. Here are Mssrs. Gammill (who DID write for SEINFELD - so I'm not too off topic here kinda sorta) and Roth (who's a brilliant award winning illustrator and former National Cartoonists Society president):

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Dan Reynolds said...

Funny. Who'd have guessed you'd meet Arnold Roth and his wife in hell.