Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top Ten Cartoon Characters' Favorite Foods

Lee Klein, writing for the Miami New Times Food Blog, pens From Popeye to Obelix: Ten Food-Lovin' Cartoon Characters.

This is a great idea for a Top 10 list and it leads off with GARFIELD in the #10 position. The nice thing about the list is the breadth of names -- from Disney to Comedy Central to Dargaud -- that are surveyed.

My nitpick: Where's POPEYE?

EDIT: Oops. He's there. sorry about that.

Above image of J.Wellington Wimpy by Segar nicked from Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter blog entry "The Greatest Comic Character Of All Time Is J. Wellington Wimpy."

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Bob Buethe said...

He left out Superman's beef bourguignon and Green Arrow's five-alarm chili, but that's understandable.