Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video: The Landon Cartooning Course

Via Potrzebie: John Garvin has posted his short, very informative documentary about the Landon Course, the most influential of the learn-at-home cartooning course.

The Landon Course had a stunning list of graduates spanning a couple of decades. Some of the names:
  • Roger Armstrong
  • Carl Barks
  • Martin Branner
  • Gene Byrnes
  • George Clark
  • Sid Couchey
  • Milton Caniff
  • Jack Cole
  • Roy Crane
  • William Donahey
  • Edwina Dumm
  • Ric Estrada
  • Gil Fox
  • Paul Fung Sr
  • Floyd Gottfredson
  • Vince Hamlin 
  • Ethel Hays 
  • Bill Holman
  • Jud Hurd 
  • Ed Kuekes 
  • Stanley Link
  • Fred Locher
  • Bill Mauldin
  • Ken Muse 
  • Fred Neher
  • Gladys Parker 
  • Allen Saunders 
  • Frederick Siebel 
  • Dorman H. Smith 
  • J.R. Williams 
  • Chic Young

Take a look at John Garvin's site Enchanted iMages here.

And consider buying his book on the Landon Course.

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