Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Video: 1975 Chicago STAR TREK Convention

Here are two videos from a two different guys who were at the 1975 Chicago STAR TREK Convention. This Con is significant since it was the first time, since the show's 1969 cancellation, that the original cast appeared together. A set of the USS Enterprise bridge had been built and placed onstage. When William Shatner appeared and sat in it, there was much clapping and hooting.

Travel back in time, back when TREK fans were weirdos and there was little hope that the TV series would ever be resurrected.

Via HeyHow:

Richard Portnoy shares his 8mm film:


Brian Fies said...

What do you mean "weirdos?" That's you and me you're talking about.

Ah, we--and they--were all so young. And thin.

In the second video, the MC introducing Nichelle Nichols at about the 2 minute mark looks a lot like writer David Gerrold, whose two behind-the-scenes Trek books were out by '75. No idea if it was him, but there's a resemblance.

Brian Fies said...

Never mind, just watched the first video after posting my comment on the second. It was Gerrold! At least I know my eyes are still good.

Thanks for these, Mike.