Thursday, May 24, 2012

1947: Peter Arno in Pistol Charge

How many times has a cartoonist not only carried a gun, but had that weapon registered at the address of the magazine he sells his cartoons to?

Here's an incident from 1947 involving the one and only Peter Arno:

Above: NEW YORK, Nov. 1, 1947: CARTOONIST AND ACCUSER IN PISTOL CHARGE -- Peter Arno (left), cartoonist, was released in Felony Court here today for further hearing Nov. 3 on charges by Andre Lepeletteir (right) doorman of the Drake Hotel, that Arno pressed a pistol in his stomach, Oct. 22, and declared, "I don't like your laugh."

According to The Evening Independent, November 1, 1947, Lepeletteir offered to get Arno a cab and Arno was reportedly to have replied, "I don't like your face and you're not a good American either."

But this was my favorite bit:
Police said that Arno had a pistol permit and that the permit bears the address of the New Yorker magazine which publishes Arno's cartoons.

According to a New York Times headline the next spring:

2 March 1948, pg. 21, "Peter Arno Case Dropped; Cartoonist Freed as Doorman Fails to Press Pistol Charge"

One day we will get the full story, when Michael Maslin's Peter Arno bio ("Mad At Something – The Life & Times of The New Yorker’s Peter Arno") is published. In the meantime, he's posted an excerpt here.


Srini Bhukya said...

Apparently, Mr. Arno thought pistol is mightier than pen.

Brian Codagnone said...

When was the last time a cartoonist dressed that well?

G.G. said...

Yesterday. Seth stepped out for a light lunch.