Friday, May 18, 2012

Did Pixar Accidentally Delete TOY STORY 2 During Production?

A computer crash is something that probably happened to you all ready. Probably happened more than once. But to the big-time computer animation leader Pixar?!

Back when Pixar was making its TOY STORY 2 movie, a tremendous amount of the movie was deleted. Hard to believe. Pixar is state of the art. How could it happen?

And now here are two Pixar people -- people who were there on the scene -- when the Pixar computer suddenly began to chew its way through the files, deleting the entire movie. This video tells the story and check the link at the beginning of this here paragraph to get more information.

Hat tip to John Klossner!

Only tangentially related: STAR TREK this "The Ultimate Computer" quote:

"Scotty, Spock, before it changes its mind, get down to engineering. Pull out every hookup that makes M-5 run. Pull out the plug, Spock!"

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