Monday, May 07, 2012

What's That Mysterious Noise?

Hey, it's almost like that gag about reaching the end of the Internet. Remember that gag? What was that? Like 10 years ago?

"You have reached end of the Internet. Now turn your computer off and go outside."

Ha ha ha!

New ideas and new sites are going up all the time. Here's my new favorite, once again proving that there is actually no end to the Internet, just narrower and narrower ideas:

What's That Mysterious Noise?

The What's That Mysterious Noise? site has many true life stories from all over the world about strange noises people hear in their houses. Real houses that exist in the outside world, natch.

We can all identify with this, yes?

From Norway:

Location: A very intermittent beep-de-beep-beep.

Went mad looking for it, as narrowing down the search area took hours thanks to the break in between beeps. Turned out to be the low battery warning for a key-finder gadget.

Or this one from Ghana:

Location: Weird tweeting/scratching

We had a weird high-pitched tweeting/scratching. I opened our crawlspace attic to find a pile of bat shit. I assumed that was the problem. I didn't do anything to get rid of the bat, we just moved.

 Some great stuff here and worth a wander.

But, yeah, after that -- look, it's a nice day. Would it kill you to get outside and mingle with the real world? And don't take your phone.

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Bob Buethe said...

Seems to me that I reached the end of the internet when I discovered One Tiny Hand.