Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jim Unger 1937-2012

Jim Unger, creator of the long running newspaper panel HERMAN, died in his sleep on May 29, 2012, after a long illness in Saanich, British Columbia. He was 75.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been made. In lieu of flowers and cards, Unger¹s family has asked for donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Cartoonist Adrian Raeside said of his friend:

"If, like me, you're feeling down about Jim Unger's passing, go pick up a Herman book. I guarantee you'll start giggling at the first cartoon. I think that's how Jim would want to be remembered."

Ottawa Citizen obituary by Clare Clancy here.

Bado has a remembrance at his blog.


John R. Platt said...

Oh no! I'm very sad to read this. I liked Unger's style and sense of humor. He'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

You wrote "3012" - I think that would’ve made him smile.

Mike Lynch said...

Yes, I did originally write that Mr. Unger died in "3012." I have corrected it. I hope you are correct that somewhere Mr. Unger is OK with my stupid typo. Mea culpa!

DeBT said...

I'm reminded of this Herman here: