Friday, May 11, 2012

Video: Ding Darling: Conservationist

The 10 minute documentary "Ding Darling: Conservationist" won an Iowa Motion Picture Association award and placed 3rd in the Iowa division of the 2006 National History Day state competition.

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jamie said...

That’s GREAT – thanks for posting this.

I used to devote an entire session in my class (during the week on editorial cartooning) on Ding Darling. Along with Roger Tory Petersen, he is the ultimate example of what an artist can do to change things for the better.

Years ago I purchased a documentary from the Sanibel Island NWR that I’d make the class watch after a half-hour slide-show + lecture on him and his work. Conveniently enough, The Ding Darling Foundation also has an incredible CD-ROM you can purchase with 6,800 of his cartoons archived at high-resolution, the ultimate geek’s guide to his work.

It’s awesome to hear that another documentary is slated for release to commemorate his 50th year anniversary – Marvo Entertainment has a bunch of sneak previews up on their website:

There’s a bit on him in another WGCU documentary on Sanibel too: